• George Greenhill 

    Lives and works in London, UK

    Born in UK, 1994


    During times of national identity crisis, sentimentalism over the country's history begins to grow. Mythologies, which evolve from various historical narratives, are an expression of a dominant culture attempting to assert itself as the culture. These tend to be inflamed most fervently by typical exponents of the status quo (politicians and the tabloid press) but also through the ephemera of the everyday.

    The significance of the narratives that contribute to our collective sense of nationhood can be seen in the enduring grip they have over our attitudes. They are both ubiquitous and esoteric: they inhabit every space in society, while also being used as a means to dictate what is and is not tradition, and as a validating tool to identify and to 'other'. 

    Weighing heavily on our cultural conscience in Britain is the history of its empire. The legacy of the country's imperialism is woven into the fabric of society and the contentious nature of the subject continues to provoke tensions. 

    With intensified sentimentality, national pride, and patriotism, comes a reluctance to appreciate the true nature of empire and the scale of its impact. Myths tend to further obscure our relationship with the past. This distortion permits us to distance ourselves from our ancestors and any responsibility that difficult questions it force us to acknowledge. Through my art, I aim to explore the historical amnesia that lingers in Britain (but mostly England) as a result of its lost empire.

  • Based in London, UK.
  • CV

    Selected exhibitions
    • 'Home Ground', Kisok K1C, Coal Drops Yard, London, October 2021. 
    • Copeland Gallery Peckham, London, June 2016.

    • Tic space, Newcastle, December 2015.

    • 'Interfuse #1', Gallery North Project Space, Northumbria, November 2015.

    • 'Far Nearer', Holy Biscuit Gallery, Newcastle, October 2015.

    • 'Fabulous', XL Gallery, Newcastle, May 2014.

    • LLST, La Galleria art gallery, Pall Mall, London, September 2014.

  • Education

    BA Fine Art, Newcastle University, 2012 - 2016.

    MA History of Art, The Courtauld Institute of Art 2016 - 2017.